Adding New Users to R5

To add a new user to R5 you must be logged in to R5 as an administrator user. To add the user you go through the admin > user settings menu.
First click menu from any screen in the top left hand corner and select Admin from the drop down list.  When you are on you admin menu you need to press the view button next to User Settings.
On the User Settings screen you will have a number of options, the most efficient way to add a new user is to press the new button next to users.

You will then be shown the New User screen, On this screen First Name, Last Name and Email address are all required fields and cannot be left blank.  Barcode is an optional field and will be automatically generated if you do not supply one.

You must also add atleast one role for your user. Press the Add roles button and you will be shown a list of available roles.  You can select multiple roles for the user if required. Press Use Selected when you are done.

If you miss any required information when filling out the new user details the field that is required will be highlighted red when you  press save. Once you have completed all the fields and have all the information press Save to create your new user.

When you press save you will brought to a page telling you the user has been created successfully and an email has been sent to the specifiled email address with details on how to login to their new account.  The user just needs to click on the link in the email and use the temporary password in the email. When they log in they will be brought to a screen requesting they change there password to one of there choosing.