Delivery Receipts

We saw above that you can create a delivery receipt directly from the purchase order. Delivery receipts are managed through the warehousing menu. Press Menu then Select Warehousing.

You can create a new Delivery Receipt from this screen by pressing new.


In the Purchase order search field you need to type in the original purchase order you are receiving the goods for.  If you wish to give the new delivery receipt a Reference number you can put one in, if you leave it blank one will automatically be created for you. You can type in either the complete Purchase order number or just 3 digits of it.  The search will bring back all results matching the criteria. Press on the purchase order you are after and then press save.


This will open the Delivery Receipt Screen for the newly created Delivery Receipt. The Screen is split into two halves, the details and the line items.
The top half of the screen shows the details of the delivery receipt. You can see the Reference number, the receive location, the PO ref number (pressing the view button will take you to the original purchase order), the status of the Delivery Receipt, the date created and who created it and finally a summary of the status of the lines.

The bottom half of the screen shows the line items ordered from the PO. If an extra item has been delivered or an item substituted you can do a search for that item and add it to the delivery receipt.

Pressing the plus icon on the line of the item you have received will allow you to put in the quantity of the item received, by default it will be the complete amount ordered. If it is the full amount simply press the tick icon. If you have not received the full amount simply put in the amount received and then press the tick. The line you have just counted will automatically move to the bottom of the list. If the stock for the line was complete the line will be highlighted dark green, if the line is incomplete it will be a lighter green.

In the above example you can see in the status summary that the bottom line is received in its entirety while the top line is only partially received.  You can see on the line details the amount ordered and the actual amount received as well as when and by whom it was received.
You can edit the count of any item by pressing the down arrow on the line and changing the quantity.
Press complete to complete the delivery receipt, if you have any pratially received items you will be given a warning. You can still complete the delivery receipt by pressing OK.