Performing a stocktake is done in the warehousing module of R5 which is accessed by pressing Menu > Warehousing.

To perform a new stock take press New next to Stocktake.

You will be taken to the new stocktake screen, the warehouse you are logged into will be selected by default. You can press on the warehouse to get a list of other available warehouses.
You then must then give the stocktake a name and select whether you are stocktaking the whole warehouse or only part of the warehouse.

If there is currently a stocktake in progress for the warehouse you will get an error message displayed when you press save “An error Occurred: there is already a stocktake for this warehouse that is currently in progress or awaiting review”. If you get that error you will have to use the search stocktake function from the main menu and find the stocktake. It will need to be completed by an authorised user.
Press Save when you are ready to start your Stocktake.
You will then see you the stocktake menu and you can start your count.

Press Add count to count your first Location.

Location: Type in the location you are stocktaking and press find.
Inv Code/Barcode: Press Enter will bring up a list of items in that location or type in the inventory code or barcode and press enter. You will see the Item listed below the Inv Code/Barcode field. If you have a Barcode scanner just scan the item and it will bring up the details of that.

A user who is assigned to role “Warehouse Staff” will not be able to see the expected or variance count.

Press Add Count to add the item to the count. You will see a message informing you that the stock has been added to the count.   You can then add another item to be counted, if you try to add an item that has already been counted you will get a Warning message informing you that the item has been counted in the current stocktake already.
When you are done press Close or Add count, move to next location if you have more stock to count.

When you press close you will see the last item you counted and are able to edit that item very quickly by pressing the edit button which will bring up a popup allowing you to update or delete the item.

When you have finished counting all items for a location you can press Location Report, this will bring up a summary of the count for that location showing you the number of items counted (specific sets of items, not individual items) the amount not counted, how many of the items counted had variations, also the variance showing how many items total there was a variance by, you can also see the total value of the variance.

Press the Variance button will bring up a detailed view of the count.   This will show every line counted for the location.

This screen is also split in to two halves, the top half is the details of the stocktake for the current location You can change to other locations by pressing there Prev or Next  button next to warehouse location. Next to show you can filter whether you want to see all Lines, Variances only or uncounted lines only.  If there is a specific item you are looking for you can type the part number or a description of the item to filter the results.

On this screen you can see each item and the user that counted them. You can also see where all the variances are. Under Status you can see which items have not been counted as they are in a status of “Not in stocktake”. As you can see above we only have one item that hasn’t been counted in this location of our stocktake.  If something is incorrect you can press the edit button next to any line to edit the count.
When you have finished the stocktake you need to submit it for review. On the stocktake detail page press on Submit for review button.

The stocktake must then be approved by a warehouse manager. This is done by going to the location report. From there you can see a summary for the location, if everything is in order you can press Approve to approve the whole line. 

Pressing Variance will open a detail view of the location and allow you to approve individual lines. You can the edit each individual line the same as when the stocktake was originally done by pressing the edit button.   You can then press the all checkbox on the left hand side to check all lines or select them individually if you do now wish to approve them all at this stage. Once you are done you need to press Approve selected lines.  The status of the lines will be updated to approved.

Before Approval

After Approval

When it is approved the Stocktake can be completed by pressing the Complete button. This process will update Stock on hand levels for the inventory counted.