Creating a Purchase Order

To create a purchase or you go through the Purchasing menu.
First click menu from any screen in the top left hand corner and select Purchasing from the drop down list. 

This will take you to the purchasing screen. Next to Suppliers press Search, Type in the name of the supplier who you wish to create the purchase order for and a list of suppliers matching that name will show up below.

Press on the supplier from the list and select New Purchase Order from the list of supplier Actions.

On the New Purchase order screen you must go through and select all the details.
Order Contact Select the Order Contact from the list of registered R5 users.
Warehouse - The Warehouse the ordered goods are for.
Delivery Method - Select whether the goods will be delivered or whether they will be picked up.
Delivery Address – The address where the goods will be delivered too.
Internal Notes – Notes for internal use only. E.g. this is for Pete in parts.
Notes to supplier – Any special Delivery instructions. E.g. Deliver only after 3pm

When you have all the details you then need to add lines. Press the Add Lines button.
You will then be able to search for the lines you wish to add. Enter the details of an Item you wish to add and press Go.

A list of the items that match your criteria will then be displayed.  Add the Qty of the item you wish to order and then press Add. The Item will then be added to your purchase order.

Keep Searching and adding lines until you have everything you want to order added. When you are done press the X in the top right to close the add lines popup.
If you need to change the cost price or the quantity of an item you can do so by double clicking on the actual quantity or Cost price.

You can now choose to either save the Purchase Order to send later by pressing the Save PO Button or send the Purchase order now by pressing Process & Send PO.
When you press Process & Send PO you will get a popup screen. It will have the email address of the supplier and the contact. You can add extra email addresses to send to by adding it to the BCC address. You can also add a message to the email that is sent, this will show up in the body of the Email. Press the Send button when you have entered the details.

Searching for an existing Purchase Order.

If you need to look up an existing Purchase order you can do it from the purchasing menu screen.  From the Purchasing screen press on Search next to Purchase Orders.

If you know the Purchase order number or part thereof you can search for it directly by putting in at least 3 characters of the purchase order you are searching for and then pressing Search Purchase Orders
If you don’t know the purchase order number you can type in the supplier’s name or part thereof and press Search Purchase Orders. By Default the search will return all results for that supplier in the last 7 Days.  If there are too many you can narrow down the results by either narrowing the date range or showing results for a certain status by pressing on the status in the status bar. You can select multiple statuses

When the search results show the Purchase Order you are looking for you can press the View button to view the Purchase order.

You can see the details of the Purchase Order but you cannot modify it in anyway. You can email the Purchase Order or Print it out by pressing any of the corresponding buttons in the top right hand corner.

You can also create a delivery Receipt for the Purchase Order by Press the Delivery Receipts Button next to the Purchase order number. Pressing this will bring up the Quick Create popup. You can put in a reference number or leave it blank and one will be created automatically.  Press the Create Button and you will be taken to the newly created delivery receipt.