Stock Transfers and Stock Movements.

Stock transfers and stock movements are all actioned there the Warehousing menu.

Stock Movements

Stock movements are moving stock from one part of a warehouse to another.
Search for the item you want to move using either the description or part code after you have type 3 characters a list will be displayed of items matching your criteria, as you type more the more refined the list will become. You can also see the Stock on hand values for the item.

Press in the store location field and type the location you are moving the stock from, if you are unsure of the location where the item is  just press Enter on the keyboard to get a list of current stock locations.

Press on the location you are moving the stock from.
Next press in the Destination Location, type in the destination location, after your first 3 characters a list of matching locations will  be shown. The more you type the more refined your search will be.
Select the desired destination location. Now select the Quantity you are moving and press save to confirm the move.

Searching Stock Movements

Clicking on the Search button on the stock movement line in the warehousing Menu.
You can filter your search by user Location or a custom search. Searching for the item above that we moved you can see that it has been moved twice.

Stock Transfer

Stock transfers are moving stock from one warehouse to another.
On the warehousing screen press on New next to Stock Transfer.  
The first option is to select the Destination Warehouse. Press enter to get a list of available warehouses or start typing the name of the specific warehouse and a list will be shown.
Select the desired destination. The Supply from Warehouse will automatically be chosen as the warehouse you are logged into.
Select the person you wish the transfer to be intentioned to, typing in the first 3 letters of their first or last name will show you everyone who matches that criteria.
You can also choose to add notes for the stock transfer. Press Save when you are ready to select stock to transfer.

When you press save you will now see the option to Add Items.  
Add the item you are transferring by typing in the part number or the description.
Next Select the source location, pressing enter in the source location will give you a list of locations where the item currently is.  Next put a value in the quantity field.  Press Add item if you wish to add another item, press Add Item and Close when you have added your last item.

The added lines are then shown underneath. You can delete the line or change the quantity if needed. Press Complete when you have added all the items you want transferred.